Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Imperfect Democracy and World Order and Natural Evolution

               Imperfect Democracy

If a voter can be bribed for his/her vote for a coin,
Then the elected politician can and will be bribed for his/her favours for a gold coin,
In Democracy, the elected government is reflection of people’s attitudes at the time
Can we always blame politicians for all the mess everybody is in ?
The only solution is Awareness but not of the politician's character but of voter and his/her problems

    World Orders and Natural Evolution

Ancient Egyptian Empires were based on violence and material security.
They left mark of foundations and monuments like Egyptian Pyramids.
Roman Empire based on Power and Pleasure left mark of Democracy, Arts, Sports
Roman Empire toppled by Christian Faith left mark of Morals, Values, Traditions,
Western Empires based on Scientific Creativity made mark on Spread of Education and Means of Wealth Creation,
Secular United Nations leaving behind regional politics and religion made mark of Universal Caring

Empires have always been greedy and unfair but without their order, - uncertainty, disorder, apathy and isolation prevailed
World Orders are seen evolving higher with no place left for violence in progressive cultures
Wars will still take place but these wars are wars of information, free speech and sense of responsibility towards self, family and community

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