Wednesday, October 12, 2016


आनन्द-शान्ति is your nature.
 It is not wrong to desire it. 
What is wrong (ignorance) is seeking it outside when its inside” 
 - Ramana Maharshi
जीवन-सत्, Liberty-चित्त, Content-आनन्द are first rights of every living entity

Buddha's Way for Nirvana and Happiness

The Four Noble Truths of Buddha

1. Truth of Dukkha (
Unsatisfactoriness) or Suffering : is duality nature  of manifestation which is experience of either good or bad, pain or pleasure, pressure or power, conflict or harmony, discord or admiration, meaningless or purposeful, rudeness or caring

2. Truth of Cause of the Dukkha (
Unsatisfactoriness) : is not due to actual experience of duality nature but the constant clinging on to particular to type of experience which is called Craving and Ignorance. Desire itself is not harmful but the attachment to Desire is due to Ignorance and is called Carving.

3. Truth of the End of Dukkha (
Unsatisfactoriness) : is Nirvana or Enlightenment. It is also described as freedom from conflict and selfishness, the eradication of craving, hatred and delusion which is rising above the Duality Nature of Manifestation and Detachment from outcome of desires.

4. Truth of Way of End of Dukkha (
Unsatisfactoriness) : is Buddha's Eight-fold Path which is Middle Way between extremes which leads to Nirvana.

The Eight-fold Path of Buddha for Nirvana

    1. Right Understanding
    To understand the Law of Cause and Effect and the Four Noble Truths.

    2. Right Attitude
    Not harboring thoughts of greed and anger.

    3. Right Speech
    Avoid lying, gossip, harsh speech and tale-telling.

    4. Right Action
    Not to destroy any 
life, not to steal or commit adultery.

    5. Right Livelihood
    Avoiding occupations that bring harm to oneself and others.

    6. Right Effort
    Earnestly doing one's best in the right direction.

    7. Right Mindfulness
    Always being aware and attentive.

    8. Right Concentration
    To making the mind steady and calm in order to
    realize the true nature of things.


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