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Mother And Father of Universe and Evolutionary Forces of Universe

Forces of Evolution 

1. Foundations and Survival - Uniform Field and Force - Unified Quantum Field (Mother of Universe) (matches Survival Concept of Darwin's Theory of Evolution)
2. Diversity - Interaction with Diverse Forms - Water (Start of Diversity of Nature - Molecular-Biology/Plant/Fish/Amphibians/Mammals) (Pre-Human Age of Existence) (matches 
Natural-Selection and Variation Concept of Darwin's Theory of Evolution)
3. Power -  Authority - Animal Kingdom  (Hunting and Gathering Age of Human Existence)
4. Harmony - Mutual Respect and Benefit in Social Structure - Bees, Ants, Humans, Mammals, Elephants (Agricultural and Industrial Age of Human Existence)
5. Creativity - 
Information, Discovery, Communication, Speech, Music  (Industrial and Information Age of Human Existence)
6. Intuition - (Subtle Energy and Information Communication through Light-Electro-Magnetic Waves) - Extraterrestrial Communication of Intelligence,  Order of Universe, Energy (Information and Consciousness Age of Human Existence)
7. Pure Consciousness - Universal Intelligence - Caretaker of Universe (Father of Universe)
God is both the Father and Mother of Universe

Inheritance Concept (matches inheritance concept of Darwin's theory of Evolution) 

Pure Consciousness (from Spirit un-manifested realm) on Earth (to manifested realm) is possible because of Prior Existence of Intuition, Creativity, Harmony, Power, Diversity, Survival.
Intuition (from Spirit un-manifested realm) on Earth (to manifested realm) is possible because of Prior Existence of  Creativity, Harmony, Power, Diversity, Survival.
Creativity (from Spirit un-manifested realm) on Earth (to manifested realm) is possible because of Prior Existence of  Harmony, Power, Diversity, Survival.
Harmony (from Spirit un-manifested realm) on Earth (to manifested realm) is possible because of Prior Existence of  Power, Diversity, Survival
Power (from Spirit un-manifested realm) on Earth (to manifested realm) is possible because of Prior Existence of  Diversity, Survival.
Diversity (from Spirit un-manifested realm) on Earth (to manifested realm) is possible because of  Prior Existence of Survival
Survival on Earth depends on Foundations and Balance of Mother Nature

चित्त (Sanskrit) = Consciousness, Attention (English)
वृत्ति (Sanskrit) = Forms, Structures, Processes (English) - in short - modifications of “ “
चित्त (Source) -  वृत्ति (Manifestation or Modifications/Forms/Structures of Source)
  प्रज्ञा (Source) Manifests as Mind-Stuff -Perception, Emotion, Thought, Memory, Intention
  Mind-Stuff       Manifests as Body-Stuff -Space-Time-Information-Matter-Energy   
  Electromagnetic Waves Manifests as Electric Current, Magnetic Waves, Light, Microwaves
  Vibration Manifests as Sound, Music, Speech
  Connections Manifests as Gravity, networks,
  Heat Manifests as Thermodynamics, combustion, digestion
  Fluid Manifests as Fluid Mechanics, biology, biochemistry
  Unified Quantum Field  Manifests as String Theory - Quantum Mechanics - Classical Mechanics

Big Bang Theory And Creation Theory
(Consciousness towards Unified-Quantum-Field) 
प्रज्ञा towards सन्दर्शित ->
Mind-Stuff (Thought-Perception-Emotion-Memory-Intention) ->
Body-Stuff (Space-Time-Information-Matter-Energy) ->
EMW-Information-Energy (Synonym: Light) ->
Information-Vibration (Synonym: Sound) ->
Connections-Gravity (Synonym: Air) ->
Heat-Energy (Synonym: Fire) ->
Space-Time Fluid (Synonym: Water) ->
Wave-particle-Observer-Observed-Process-Manifestation (Synonym: Earth)

(and Unified-Quantum-Field towards Consciousness)
सन्दर्शित rising towards प्रज्ञा ->
Wave-particle-Observer-Observed-Process-Manifestation (Synonym: Earth) ->
Space-Time-Fluid (Synonym: Water) ->
Heat-Energy (Synonym: Fire) ->
Connections-Gravity (Synonym: Air) ->
Information-Vibration (Synonym: Sound) ->
EMW-Information-Energy (Synonym: Light) ->
MindStuff (Thought-Perception-Emotion-Memory-Intention) ->
Pure Consciousness (Pure Potential)

 "Superintended by Me, the illusory external energy (maya) manifest all living and non-living entities; 
for this reason O Arjuna, the universal manifestation is created repeatedly." - Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 verse 10

"In the beginning of time, I create everything and at the end of time , the whole creation merge in Me." -  Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 Verse 7

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground (Unified-Quantum-Field or 5-elements-of-material-nature i.e. earth-water-fire-air-light) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (Consciousness); and man became a living soul." - Genesis 2:7

God and Human Paradox Ancient Yet New Creations
Source -> Creator -> Creation
HolySpirit = Source = Consciousness + Existence + Bliss
Consciousness = Attention, Being
Existence = Unified Quantum Field
Creator = God
Gods Creation = Gods Perception Emotion Thoughts Memory Intention + Unified Quantum Field
Gods Creation = Conscious Universe and Body
Humans Creation = Mother-Father perception-emotion-thought-memory-intention-level_of_consciousness-latent_memory_DNA  + 5_elements_of_Material_Nature
Humans Creation = Earth Environment + Human population

GENESIS according to Bhagavad Gita

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