Wednesday, October 12, 2016


“If some small thing does not go our way, you blame others,
If some big thing does not go our way, you blame God or Devil,
If anything does go our way, you take all the credit,
When will time come that (personal and collective) 
you are just as responsible as external in co-creation-maintenance-destruction ?”
“When will institutions move from asserting authority to teaching responsibility ?”
- Sadhguru

Do not judge or blame anyone
Your mind is your best friend - Geeta 

Guardian Of Future

You are Guardian of future
So guard future like responsibility given to you by God

Responsibility per श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता

उत्सीदेयुरिमे लोका न कुर्यां कर्म चेदहम् |
सङ्करस्य च कर्ता स्यामुपहन्यामिमा: प्रजा: || 3:24||

I cease my Eternal Dharma ever, then all these worlds would be put to ruination. 
I would also be the cause of creating unwanted population, 
and I would thereby destroy शान्ति of all sentient beings.

Seeking स्वतन्त्रता
Seeking स्वतन्त्रता requires to fulfill responsibility,
Responsibility towards self and family and || एकमेवाद्वितीयम् || - || अहं ब्रह्मास्मि ||,
Your responsibility is Eternal Dharma of Consciousness for Better जीवन  

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