Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Manifestation by Realizing the Natural Priorities

Natural Priorities 

1. HolySpirit - that is where  Existence, Consciousness,  Joy of  Soul  is  same  as any other soul where duality is not present.
2. Principles, Morality Laws, Duties - that help reach the state of HolySpirit
3. Taking care of Manifestation of Soul - Body/Mind/Soul Care  before attaining the home of HolySpirit through purposeful use of Name/Form/sense impression/action/Emotion/Thought.
4. Understanding Manifestation (Space/Time/Information/Knowledge/Matter/Energy)  for the purpose of sustainable evolution so that souls can continue their journey to Home of the Holy Spirit through multiple lifetimes and do not get stuck on Earth if sustainable evolution fails.
5. Connections of Soul with other Souls and Manifestations - for Learning the meaning of existence.
6. Understanding that जीवनस्वतन्त्रआनन्द  requires responsibilities to self and others and realizing the priorities of each. - जीवन is important than स्वतन्त्रस्वतन्त्र is important than शान्ति, शान्ति is important than आनन्द

Questioning Wave Particle Experiment, Einstein said God does not play dice
It depends on what playing dice means to you
When God provides everything then everything is just a possibility or wave potential
What about particle?
Its when you put your attention  to wave potential,  particle is manifested
If you have little attention then manifestation may not be what you expected or wanted 
and then it seems like God plays dice
Can you then blame God for not having attention and not knowing what you need?
With attention, you manifest exactly what you act-feel-think-are together.
At highest level of. attention, your action-feeling-thinking-being is in unity with God
There is difference between material existence and material manifestation
Material Manifestation requires both Attention and Unified Quantum Field
Material Existence and Evolution of Body after Manifest depends on 
Level of Attention of Body and its current state
Body exists evolves and Mind manifests
HolySpirit sources Attention and unified field , witnesses evolution of body

Richness of heart lifts you to heaven and freedom when striving for 
(a) जीवन with respect for all, 
(b) स्वतन्त्र with Responsibility, 
(c) क्षेम्य

Poverty of mind always drags you down to hell when you have 
(a) शान्ति at expense of others, 
(b) स्वतन्त्र without Responsibility, 
(c) Living without Respect for जीवन.

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